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US is about to start trading with China through sea cargo news

US has planned to start trading with China through sea, said the report of sea cargo news recently. This was really unfortunate. No one would have expected that the world’s two larger economies will involve in trade ever. This freight shipping was a result of the disputes between the labors of the Warehouse Union, Pacific Maritime Association and the Long shore, said the report. Andy wang, who is the president of the Asia Operations at the freight forwarder C. H. Robinson, has told that the plan of having trade between US and China is going to be the strongest portfolio for the companies involving in trade activities. He told that the C H Robinson is doing well now as especially during the starting of the year, when there was a coast disruption.

He has added to the reporters that the company is now able to provide a lot of options to the customers and can meet up all their requirements and is provided with the best possible solutions. The company’s solutions will keep the customers cargos moving. He told that the company is moving some of the cargos through the PNW services and some other with the East Coast all water cargo services. Even the company has moved the cargos with the air freights. The Long Beach port was the center for the strike and it has affected a large area of cargo shipping in the world. Many ships all over the world have got affected due to this strike in the port of Long Beach. This backlog has taken so many months to get cleared. But in the month of July 2015, the port has gone for a record break and again in the month of august with 700,000 TEUs. But the number has got reduced to 650,000 in the month of September.

Post Long Beach Managing director and chief commercial officer, Mr. Noel Hacegaba has told that it was really interesting to see the port is having 15% high every year. He told that the port is really encouraged a lot by this increasing volume as the volume means nothing but the number of shippers to them. He added that the port is experiencing so many ships coming back and diverted to the port and this is really a good symbol for the growth of US economy. As per the data now, the US and China have planned to go for a trade through the see and the dispute between labors was the major reason behind this unfortunate decision.