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US East Coast Terminal cargo services

US East Coast Terminal continues to experience better Export of Cargo Services

The huge congestion problem faced by the west coast port has continued benefiting east coast terminals for next year. It is known from a source that the cargo traffic is going to continue the transformation from the west coast to east coast ports until the opening of wide Panama Canal next year. It is known from the Drewry Maritime research report that the imports belonging to Asia are further transferred to ports of the west coast and from the report, it is expected the west coast terminals are going to be busy further up to April along with Gulf and Atlantic coasts. The newly constructed bigger locks on the water are able to handle container ships transit up to 13,000 teu, which is double compared to ships size and can be in action soon on the east coast ports. In addition, the unit costs of carriers will also get reduced. It is known from a consultant that the heavy traffic transformation seen from Asia to the west coast ports for the first half of the year is recorded as half of the recorded value in 2014. This is due to the drastic congestion condition of the west coast port terminals earlier this year because of PMA or ILWU contract labour dispute.

At the same instance, due to the bulk transformation of cargo loads to east coast ports, 23.5 percent growth is seen in cargo service compared to previous years. In addition, the tremendous growth seen in the east coast cargo service is due to a number of increased opportunists of the east coast services, in particular by Zim Israeli carrier container lines. While, in the month of July, the imports of the west coast recorded little growth which is less than 1 percent. At the same time, the east coast port recorded slowdown in growth by 14 percent. It is reported from Drewry that the output of August is reverse to the actual trend, which disturbed the peak season traffic demanding fast transit times. In addition, the peak traffic recorded giving little competition for main US ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

It is known from a source that the import volumes of Los Angeles port increased by 3.8 percent compared to previous years. While Long Beach port reported 22.8 percent cargo volume growth during the same month. In the first half of the year, the exports of cargo services from Asia to North America reported 5.4 percent cargo growth which led to continuous improvement in the economy of US, strengthening the dollar value and at the same time, building encouragement in consumers. Leaving all the conditions of longer transit times, small Panamax ships through the canal, all the carriers belonging to Asia and North America are attracted by the premium offers offered by east coast ports. According to the research report of Drewry, the growth was 1800 dollars on an average for the first seven months of the year. According to the annual report, west coast ports are handling more Asian imports of 275,000 teu compared to previous 3 years. At the same instance, the east coast is happy with 1.2 million teu volume hike. According to statistics, 16.6 percent increase in seen in import growth for the first seven months whereas the east coast reported an improvement of 12.7 percent in cargo service compared to last year.

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