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Turkish Cargo Service to Aim at Pharma Investments

Whatever may be the market conditions, there are some loads which need to be transported from one place to other within a certain time. All are familiar with daily utility goods which are compulsory for survival and we cannot imagine the life without them. In a similar way, medicines play a prominent role in human’s life which cannot be replaced by any other thing. In general, there is need of preservation for some medicines. Even while importing or exporting them, they need to be preserved properly by cargo services. To preserve these medicines during transportation and delivering them on time, cargo services are trying their best to satisfy the customers. Cargo services will carry out many cargo loads but carrying pharma load is different from other loads. This is why they are charging relevant amount on these loads. Recently, Turkish cargo service is trying to expand its service for pharma loads making use of geographic and network advantage. It is thinking to make several investments for bringing improvement in pharmaceutical services. It is said by Turkish cargo service that pharma transportation is equally important for humans and as well as for commercial reasons. The cargo service justified its statement by saying pharma loads yield more than normal cargo loads.

Turkish cargo service has its main hub at Istanbul and is a perfect position to provide the continuous connection between producers and consumers. They are expanding their cargo service business by expanding their network, multiple offers offering new product options and improving their own efficiency by operational processes and customer services. A new cargo service is opened by Turkish cargo Carrier Company at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, in the month of January 2015. This newly opened service has an annual tonnage capacity of 1.2 million tones and is now enabled with handling pharma services effectively using temperature controlled facilities. This cargo service is occupying total space of 67,000 square meters. Turkish cargo service is handling temperature-sensitive products by preserving them in temperature controlled areas of the warehouse. This complete process is carried out according to the warehouse storage instructions and branded pharma program. It is said by the Turkish carrier that they are going to provide some special equipment like cooler blocks, thermal blankets etc. Moreover, they are providing ACT containers which accept shipments that are preferred according to shippers and forwarders demand. At the same instance, if any delay takes place in delivery, they are going to provide dry ice supplement service said by Turkish cargo service.

Turkish cargo service is providing its cargo services enabled with remote temperature and humidity tracking using smart sensors. It is able to track the status of shipments stored within a specific cool storage, adjusted temperature and humidity values of cold chain area. All these facilities are monitored by an automated system named as Telemetry. The carrier cargo service has further improved its pharma load handling capability making the process more reliable and transparent to customers. They are maintaining the standardized process for handling pharma load which have already introduced a tracking system on their website enabling temperature and humidity control.  Recently, the cargo service inaugurated the special cargo storage area spreading across 3000 sq mts. It is now owned by 39 special cargo rooms and signed an agreement with temperature controlled container providers. In 2015, it is planning to provide ACT facility for its customers in particular to freighter destinations. In addition, it is planning to launch more new products for pharma cargo shipments.