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The Cargo Service Company AirBridgeCargo airline has got two freighters delivered by Boeing

According to the latest aviation news report, the AirBridgeCargo was delivered with two 747-8 freighters by the Boeing. The delivery of freighters was a part of the MoU (memorandum of understanding), which was signed between the cargo service company and Boeing in the Paris air show. The delivery of the freighters has become a surprise for the people in the industry as both the companies have not given any formal announcement about the delivery after they have signed the MoU. According to the MoU (which is considered to be an agreement now), the air freight company Boeing is expected to deliver more freights to the ABC airline.

Regarding the delivery of the freighters, the spokesperson of Boeing told that they don’t have a formal agreement with the ABC airline. They are still working on the MoU, which they have signed in the Paris air show. Boeing spokesperson has told that they are working out with the firm for providing the best support in their fleet requirements and in their business plans. The ABC airline has told that the two freighters, which have got delivered today, will be deployed in the expansion of their network in the winter schedule of 2015/2016. According to the MoU signed between the ABC airline and Boeing, the air freight company should delivery twenty 747-8 freighters to the ABC airlines. The Boeing has aimed to make this niche player as a global giant in the cargo industry.

In the meanwhile, president of AirBridgeCargo Airline, Denis Llin has told that addition of more air freighters to the Volga Dnepr Group will secure the further development of the group and to keep a high growth rate for the air cargo services. He has also mentioned about the partnership between ABC and Boeing. He told that it is really a celebration to have the Boeing as their partner. He added that Boeing is providing its customers with exceptional freighters to let them provide a sustained and unique service.

Marty Bentrott, Vice President of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Middle East, Central Asia and Russia has told that they are appreciating the confidence of ABC airlines on their products and he added that they are looking forward for the continuous relationship with successful cooperation in the future. He also told that one of the two freighters they have delivered to the ABC airline company is their 100th freighter. However the program of 747-8 freighter manufacturing has got slow down by the company this year and the company has confirmed it to the reporters. This is because the Nippon Cargo Airlines has announced this September that they are cancelling the $1.5 billion order for the four 747-8 freighters.

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