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The Asia-Europe Rail Freight Services Are Attaining A Solid Footing

Most of the times air and sea cargo services are the most sought after but with companies exploring the terrain alternatives the cargo industry is getting a boost. One of the recent developments in the news is the boost in export through the Chongqing-Europe rail which is helping several of the Chinese companies with their exports to the European market. With investments pouring in from hundreds of Chinese enterprises, the demand is steadily increasing. One of the most sought after area for the investors is North Rhine-Westphalia.

The international rail freight option is turning out to be a lucrative option with it being faster than sea and is much less of an expensive deal compared to air freight transportation. For inland countries and areas, this option serves well and is also reliable. The growth rate of the Asia-Europe rail is imminent today, but their beginning was a little shaky. In the beginning, the transport quantity and frequency was quite low but that improved over time. Now most of the trains are full when they depart from China and many companies are taking advantage of it to expand their trade.

The sole focus until now was to promote the services of the Asia-Europe rail for the major companies that usually included cargo flow of automotive and tech sectors. But now the services are also offered to other shippers. Now shippers can attain full container load services and expand their trade. Now the forwarders are offering the LCL services to shippers other than the major client which has opened up new avenues for the Asia-Europe rail services. A whole range of new customers is lining up to attain the freight service in an attempt to induce growth of their business.

The use of the land bridge has been mostly restricted to high-valued goods, but now it has been made easy for the shippers to book containers. Shippers who have been looking for alternatives that will help them save upon freight rates are appreciating the rail freight service. Transportation of engines, computers, textile etc is now carried out easily through the Asia-Europe rail freight services.

Some of the recent biggies using the rail cargo services is DHL and UPS. Both the companies have booked a weekly train for LCL services that transports twice. The train is between inland Chinese hubs of Zhengzhou and Hamburg. The services are as reliable and sought after as air freight services but at a more affordable price range.  A cost saving of 60-65% is acquired by UPS compared to air freight and it is also better than sea service since you save a lot of time. The Asia-Europe rail services have helped UPS to provide service to customers in and around China and throughout Europe.