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Swiss port International Gained Access for Handling Air Cargo Services at Oman Air

Swiss port International has gained permission to access handling cargo services belonging to Oman Air. Yesterday, both companies viz., Swiss port International and Oman Air have signed the agreement for providing full-fledged handling services at London Heathrow Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Frankfurt Airport, and Munich Airport. The agreement signed by these two companies was a multi-station agreement which is a written commitment made by Swiss port to provide extraordinary services across different stations or simply at a multi-station environment. It is announced that Swiss port is going to take the complete control of handling cargo services on behalf of Oman Air at London Heathrow. Along with this station, Swiss Port Said that it is going to handle the cargo services of other three stations which are expected to complete by 1st November 2015. Not surprisingly this agreement was made on a one-stop approach which succeeded in single meeting. Moreover, this deal adds multiple benefits to both cargo services by increasing the standardization of cargo service with multiple processes flows enabled with a common service level agreement along with KPI measurements.

Oman air is very particular about punctuality and reliability factors. It will make sure to handle the complete cargo operations with great reliability. It is highly expert in maintaining punctuality, offering right time deliveries. Oman air cargo service offers world class ground handling services maintaining the utmost reliability and punctuality. Andrew Walsh, chief officer of cargo service delivery belonging to Oman Air, said that they have reviewed many services to offer partnership, among all; we got great assurance in Swiss port. He added that they expected Swiss port would become a right partner for them supporting us in the success journey. He deployed that the partnership with Oman air will definitely lead them to ultimate profits enabling utmost cargo handling services.

Nils Knudsen was the Executive Vice President of global cargo services belonging to Swiss port International. He said that they are excited and are feeling proud for the intense cooperation offered by Oman air. This deal depicts the pure dedication offered by Swiss port. Moreover, it depicts the hard working nature of Swiss port by which it is providing awesome performance in cargo services with utmost quality. He added that they are expecting longtime relationship with Oman air in order to provide the best cargo services around the world. In addition, Swiss port is expecting to establish a fruitful relation of partnership further in the upcoming years. By signing this deal, Swiss port gained a new customer in Europe expanding its services furthermore. As of today, Swiss port signed the multi-station agreement only for some airports but is going to extend for some other stations in the upcoming days offering standard cargo services worldwide. This deal is going to benefit them by increasing the reliability factor which in turn increases the cargo traffic. In this fast transforming cargo market, it is yet to see whether the signed deal is going to benefit them with great hikes in profits or not. Overall, the deal is definitely going to add benefits for both air cargo services without any pre-expectations of profit percentages.

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