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Remarkable Volume Growth was seen in Los Angeles Cargo Services Port

A continuous decline is seen in volumes of cargo services this year, due to transforming market conditions. After continuous declines, Los Angeles port reported a hike of 3.8 percent in cargo volumes last month, indicating the arrival of pre-market conditions once again reporting good growth. It is reported that the cargo volume recorded was 703,652 teu which is 22.8 percent hike compared to previous year records. Moreover, it is the highest volume growth in a month recorded for the first time since from the establishment. It is the 104th year after the establishment of the port which has ever seen such volume growth in a single month and is termed to be a new record of Los Angeles port.

In June, the port faced a decline of 2 percent in cargo growth while, in July, a further decline recorded as 2.5 percent mainly caused due to congestion of port. But in August, a remarkable growth is seen in volumes of cargo services whitewashing the previous month’s declines completely. Combining both cargo volumes of consecutive months July and August, it is recorded as 1,393,896 teu have been moved through the port. The considerable growth seen in the month of August represents the adjustment skills of cargo terminal operators, supply chain partners and the labor of longshore, who adjusted themselves to the ongoing alliances of increased container volumes and larger ships, said by Gene Seroka, Executive Director of Los Angeles cargo services port. A great support was given by supply chain optimization groups belonging to Federal Maritime Commission contributing great ideas for us to improve the efficiency of cargo services.

At an instance, the complete port turned to sluggish and consistent which forced them to divert the ships to other ports. This happened due to lack of trailers which are used for towing containers and dissimilar talks going on between union and employees. Moreover, increased volume growth also became a reason for consistency. Previous year, in the month of August, there are 136 ships at Los Angeles cargo services port carrying 757,702 teu cargo units while for the same period this year, it is seen 110 ships carrying 786,677 teu cargo units. These records show nearly an increase of 29,000 additional container units laid on 26 ships depicting the arrival of additional mega ships to the port which are mainly due to cost efficiency and capability factor of port, said by officials of port.

Los Angeles port was big enough to handle big ships readily said by Philip Sanfield, a spokesman. Supporting his statement, he said that the port has already accepted three big ships carrying about 13,000 container cargo units. From which, the volume growth of cargo services at Los Angeles port is termed as great growth. Last month, the imports carried by Los Angeles cargo services port are recorded as 383,551 cargo units, which is 6.3 percent increased compared to the same period, in 2014. But the exports have declined by 14 percent recording 168,248 units. It is expecting similar growth for the rest of the year and thinking to adopt new principles aiming for the growth of cargo services in 2016.

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