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Port Of Shanghai Pushes China’s International Shipping

The financial year of 2015-2016 was not that great year for China, the country saw decline in its overall market growth, trade and economy. Still when it comes to transportation and defense the country has its roots deep. The port of Shanghai is one among the list that in all worst circumstances has kept the roots of various deep water port plans intact, so that water cargo transportation of China keeps growing.

According to the data of 2015 port cargo transportation, there was a YoY drop of 4.8% in terms of cargo imported inside the ports. But the best part is that even in such conditions the containerized cargo, which actually matters, has increased to 36.5 million TEUs, a 3.5% increase from last year.

“Overall Shanghai ports have been greatly impacted by the slowdown in the economy,” as per the internal communication from the official member of the Port of Shanghai. He further said “but our hopes are still high. We have seen many worse years and betters ones too, comparatively speaking, the impact on water cargo export-import is substantially lower than the overall impact of international shipping industry’s import and export.

Yangshan port is a crucial port for deep water cargo shipping and trade, specially as it is the main port that will handle international cargo ships coming from Europe, South American, Eastern US, Mediterranean and African countries. The port being so crucial, is important to be built to ready by the end of this year. As far as our sources say, the port is already built to structure, now only machine and technology installation is pending. Test of shipping and other materials will begin from December and by January 2017 all the modification will be done. It is expected that the port will be ready and open for trade by February 2017.

Every year the port receives more than 10% of its transshipment cargo from international borders. This is why the committee is expecting a boost of 40% to 50% in its total transshipment cargo shipment and equal growth for ships coming from international borders. An official from Yangshan port reported “As we receive more and more international cargo ships, the impact on the economy will decrease and we can actually see a flourishing trade in the coming years.”