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New Record Achieved by Emirates Aiding towards Development of Transportation and Cargo Services

Emirates airline is on terms of news with the achievement of a new record. It is according to a latest news report that Emirates has taken delivery of four new aircrafts on the same day i.e., on 4th September. With the increased number of aircrafts, it is going to fix the commitment of flying with modern and efficient fleet capacity enabled with extreme comforts. With the delivery of four modern aircrafts, Emirates is going to expand its airline services and cargo services effectively enabling hike in traffic and profits. Emirates which is one of the largest airlines providing services around the world is going to attract more passenger traffic with the modern fleet capacity delivered two days back, estimated by experts. It is reported by a source that Emirates has taken delivery of four aircrafts which include two Boeing 777-300Ers, one A380 aircraft, and one Boeing 777 freighter. With these four aircrafts, Emirates is going to standardize its cargo services more. Emirates airline is the largest operator in the world with Boeing 777 and A380 aircrafts. With the newly delivered A380 aircraft, the total number of double decked aircrafts owned by Emirates reached to 66. The additional aircrafts delivered on the same day have reached the milestone of 150th delivery of Boeing 777. With the new arrival of 777 aircrafts, the fleet capacity of Emirates having 777 model flights reached to 147.

It is from a previous report that Emirates initiated its services with first Boeing 777 received in the year 1996. Since then, three Boeing 777 aircraft models got retired from Emirates as they have been serving the airlines from long time. In general, Boeing 777s has a running capacity range of 17,446 kilometers or 9,420 nautical miles. It is known from previous reports that Boeing 777s belonging to Emirates serving the airlines by covering nearly 100 destinations across six continents. Boeing 777 aircraft made the process of connecting to two points easily. Newly received Boeing 777 and airbus A380 aircrafts are enabled with advanced facilities and are highly spacious in structure, said by Tim Clark, President of Emirates airlines. He added that these new aircrafts are milestones for Emirates increasing their route planning versatility and also increasing the ability to offer modern features to customers enabled with great comforts onboard. He said that they are expecting for long stand commitments towards both aircraft programs supporting innovation in the field aerospace manufacturing around the world especially in Europe and USA.

It is revealed by Emirates that the four aircrafts are valued at 1.5 billion dollars and they are transferred to pre-service maintenance department before going to work in regular services. After adding to regular airline and cargo services, two Boeing 777-300ERs transported passengers from Dubai to Kuwait and Dubai to Mumbai, while A380 transported passengers from Dubai to Dusseldorf. Boeing 777 freighter is going to fly from Seattle from the place where it is manufactured. It is scheduled to collect 103,000 kg cargo load from Hong Kong continuing the cargo services of Emirates. Emirates airline has taken delivery of 14 new aircrafts viz., four Boeing 777-300ERs, nine A380s and one Boeing 777 freighter in 2015. With newly added aircrafts, the fleet capacity of Emirates reached to 238 with 6.5 years as average age providing continues freight and cargo services since from the establishment. Along with these, there are 270 additional aircrafts on order worth 129 billion dollars.

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