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Neutral Network to Offer Cargo Freight Expertise to Companies

A group of specialist from the cargo industry has launched a network of professionals who would provide expertise in facilitating cargo services to the industry. The company Neutral Network which has been started by a bunch of professionals specializing in cargo freight operations wish to serve the industry by making use of innovative tools and technology. This Hong Kong-based company plans to offer advanced expertise to all the companies providing freight services.

The company feels that the present industry lacks the collaborative tools and right mechanisms which can help them become a game player of the freight forwarding business. They also said that the present day industry has become exhaustive due to the lack of technology and financial protection to protect them from risks. Neutral Network feels what the logistic industry needs at present are veterans and entrepreneurs who can work as a dedicated team so as to share their expertise with each other.

The company also mentioned about the need of reaching to a much larger audience base in different parts of the globe which can only be possible with the help of strong network built using latest technology and innovations. The risk factor is another major limitation of the logistic industry which is preventing businesses from expanding. Freight forwarding companies require huge financial backing from various sources but are unable to get it because of the lack of confidence of the financial institutions in them. It is, therefore, time that these companies gain expertise in the industry in order to win their confidence.  To serve the logistic industry, Neutral Network also plans to build tailor-made community tools for the cargo carriers so that these companies can benefit from the competitive advantages created for them.

Mr. Peter Whitfield, Chairman of Neutral Network when asked about his plans for the company said that they are looking to diversify and change the face of the logistic industry. He also stated that joining a logistic network is not enough to carry out air freight operations, but business specialization along with financial management is needed to survive the market.

Mr. Whitefield is an industry veteran with more than 50 years of experience in the air cargo industry and feels that what the present day air cargo network lacks is a platform that is exclusive and lets the experts and suppliers of the business to communicate with each other. His company plans to offer this expertise to its customers through their team of young entrepreneurs and industry veterans so as to help air freight companies to grow many folds.