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MOL Carrier Company to Replace Maersk in Terms of Reliability

The latest survey conducted by ‘Drewry’ on ocean carriers based on a factor of on-time schedule integrity has revealed surprising results. First time in history Maersk lost its top ranking in most reliable container line and surprisingly, Japan’s MOL has replaced its place. It is said by Drewry that for the first time, they have seen carrier other than Maersk at top ranking of the survey taken every month. Recently, carrier performance survey is carried out on three main trade lanes belonging to east and west countries in the month of July, which revealed that there is overall 4 percent drop in liner reliability. After 4 percent drop, overall liner reliability is recorded as 73.3 percent due to reduced overall trades in between Asia and Europe. At the same time, low scores of trading are recorded in transpacific regions. In the same month, on-time performance of MOL is recorded as 80.1 percent whereas Danish carrier faced 5 percent drop in performance standing 79.8 percent.

It is the first time in reliable performance survey history where a Japanese carrier MOL replacing Maersk position. It is noticed that in the second quarter Maersk dropped to fourth in reliability rankings, revealed from SeaIntel’s liner reliability report. Even in the second quarter, MOL stood first in reliability rankings. MSC – which is 2M deal partner of Maersk seen ranking bottom in the reliability list of the same report. Although it is due to disconnection of services by which they are forced to share the same ship for scheduled deliveries. Based on the advertised dates given by carriers, data performance is measured. Maersk reacted with its opinion on SeaIntel report that it is willing to be in the top position which is it’s all time target and will definitely try to improve it.

Maersk – One among Top Performers

Although Maersk Company has a commitment of improving its reliable ranking, it is highly satisfied for its achievement that it is one among the top performers. By which Maersk aspiration of being a most reliable carrier came true. Maersk believed that shippers are in expectation of good service but not a premium service which is available at extra cost. The best example to change Maersk point of view is MSC and its progress. MSC which is the 2M partner of Maersk is awesome in maintaining a good relationship with customers. It is the main reason aiding towards its exponential growth. MSC carrier growth is just because of its well-maintained coordination with customers rather than competitive rate structure and extensive marketing.

MOL Carrier Company is operating without profit expectation, which means it is operating in the red. It is carrying out its operations in contrast way completely opposite to other Japanese companies named NYK and K Line. MOL is not justified by any of the carrier companies as a winning cargo company especially based on the factor of punctuality of its ships. Drewry is in expectation of reliability improvement in Asia-Europe trades as the expansion of Suez Canal may reduce transit time to commendable extent i.e., from 18 to 11 hours. Along with transit times, waiting times can also be reduced from 11 hours to 3 hours. As Suez Canal is turned to be a two-lane maritime highway, capacity will be improved aiding towards fast transit times and reduced delays. Overall, it aids for good operational efficiency said by Simon Heaney, SM of supply chain research, Drewry.

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