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Millions of Dollars at Stake for the Government’s Investment in NSW Freight Services

IFM Investors led NSW Ports Consortium, is in news regarding a premium price paid by them and the return offer made by NSW government for NSW freight services. Ownership of Port Botany and Port Kembala was taken in the year 2013 in the month of April. For this a hefty amount was paid to Port Botany and in return the government of NSW paid around $100 for each container.

The rounds are going about regarding the NSW government paying for NSW ports and I termed as economically unjustified. The amount circulated here is termed as a job destroyer as it has prevented heavy competition for Port Botany. According to Stephen Antony, the Chief Economist Of Industry Super that comprises in NSW Ports Consortium, a very strong economic leadership is required. Commonwealth Government is equally to be blamed as both the projects; Badgery’s Creek Airport and Moorebank Intermodal Terminal need new infrastructure for rails. Due to insufficient funds, the essential transport requirements of all residents of Sydney cannot be met. Subsequently the cargo container terminals should not proceed without the infrastructure.

To provide the freight services between the terminals, NSW government has to spend $7 million or more. The split up is estimated to be $1 million each for freight line for Port Botany, freight line for Western Sydney and $5 million for the area between Starthfield and Newcastle. It is impossible for NSW government as it involves a lot of funding and hence requires the intervention of a private sector.

The already existing rail infrastructure of Sydney is can be used for different passenger trains and in course removing all the freight services in the line. By this conversion of freight passage to passenger line, Badgery’s Creek Airport is extended. By this, flight paths will be over water hence reducing the noise for residents.

The railing containers that run in between Western Sydney Intermodal Terminals and the Port will pay off for the freight line between Glenfield and Newcastle. This in turn converts the general freight from truck to rail in Sydney. The financial returns are improved to a great extent for Port Kembala/ Port Botany leaseholders, Port Botany terminal container operators and also the Port of Newcastle leaseholders. Their participation in this rail freight line allows the carriage of containers for Sydney and replaces trucks.

All this is possible only when the government takes a stand in not permitting the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal Project and the Badgery’s Creek Airport unless and until the benefits for the Sydney residents are demonstrated with full details. It should be lawful, economically justified and enforceable as it involves the benefits of the residents of Sydney and their faith they have on their government.