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Loadstar’s Allegation to Apology – Jaideep Mirchandani Comes Clean

Latest Update: February 23, 2016, glorified day of reverence, when the Jaideep Mirchandani Aviation Chief was cleared from the blacklist and was justified with the true eyes of the law. In the world of the aviation industry, Aerospace One, a renowned Cargo charter and ground handling agency was accused by US government.

A few months back, US airport and international trade officials had accused Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani Dubai, CEO of Aerospace One, of supporting terrorism by smuggling arms to support the Syrian regime. In the center of the claim and accusation were Rayyan Air, Veteran Avia and AHS Air International, the companies that own the two carrier 747Fs. But this was as per the document presented by The Loadstar.

As the matter was raised, as a call to action Munich authorities searched all boarding flights of the day thoroughly with sniffer dogs and search squads, but nothing suspicious (arms and ammunition) was detected. The matter took fire in such a way that BIS listed Aerospace One Chief Jaideep Mirchandani along with Nitin and Indira Mirchandani in Federal Registers Entity List.

Some weeks later when nothing was found and also that Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani’s lawyers clarified that he or Aerospace One company bears no connection to any of the three listed careers, Loadstar (the site that first published the news accusing Mr. Mirchandani) published an apology to him.

It is such a shame that the Media, which is supposed to clarify the cases, actually is the reason behind these cross-allegations, damaging the image of the entity at many levels.

The Original Link of allegation: http://theloadstar.co.uk/aerospace-one-mirchandani-veteran-avia/