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Land Cargo Services Get a New Boost as SBB’s cargo and DB Schenker Join Hands for Another Five Year

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For smooth operation of trade and commerce, transportation of cargo is one of the most crucial factors, especially when the trade is being carried out across borders. Without proper arrangements of transportation, trade and commerce ceases to flourish and a slump hits the economy. Hence without any doubt, transportation is of utmost importance in cross border trades. Switzerland, Italy and Germany have been involved in cross border trade and commerce for a very long time, and the extension of this agreement takes this healthy business relationship many steps forward. Trans-Alpine freight trains operating between Germany and Italy are included in the newly signed extended contract, and this definitely finds a way to the most important of land cargo news in the European continent.

The contract was signed on September 25, inside the Gotthard Tunnel Base which marks the extension of a new healthy relationship between the SBB and DB Schenker. Land cargo services will definitely get a new boost with both companies coming together again till the year 2020. The Gotthard transit contract was entrusted to BLS and was subsequently shifted to SBB in December 2013. The new extended contract aims at running 8000 trains per year between the Gotthard and Lotschberg routes.

With the signing of the new extension of the contract becoming the most important land cargo news in Europe, Germany, Italy and Switzerland looks to strengthen their commercial relations even more. With more freight trains operating, land cargo services definitely get that extra boost which would further improve trade conditions. SBB also made another important announcement in which it stated that it would be making new investments before the inaugural of the Gotthard base tunnel in June 2016.

Separate agreements also bring SBB Cargo and DB Schenker together, as they continue to monitor and co-operate import and export operations across the borders of Switzerland and Germany. Their joint operations have been quite commendable as far as managing land freight is concerned.

The Gotthard Base tunnel, which is expected to open on June 2016, is a railway tunnel, which is being constructed through the Alps in Switzerland. The completion of this tunnel will ensure a smooth and well managed rail freight traffic across Switzerland, thereby making import and export operations across Europe much easier. With SBB Cargo and DB Schenker Rail already managing cargo traffic in Switzerland and Germany, the management of land cargo traffic through the Gotthard Base Tunnel is definitely easier. The signing of the extension of the agreement and subsequent opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel the next year, definitely raise new hopes for further flourish of the European Economy.

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