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jaideep mirchandani aviation chief

Jaideep Mirchandani Aviation Chief Clean Chit by Us Government

February 23, 2016, glorified day of reverence when Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani Aviation Chief of Aerospace One was cleared from the blacklist and was justified with the true eyes of the law. In the world of the aviation industry, Aerospace One, a renowned Cargo charter and ground handling agency was accused by US government. It claims that Jaideep Mirchandani was found to be involved in activities supporting the Syrian regime and attempting to export a U.S. – origin aircraft to Syria that would be used to further support the Syrian regime. Mr. Jaideep’s profile has always shown the success chart in every industry he has stepped into. Besides embarking his name in industries he is an active social worker who had contributed big hand in enhancing common people’s lives. Fellow industries chant his success mantras because he had achieved significant heights of success in every industry he worked.

He was falsely being accused by some of the rivals recently. He firmly uttered and told that he will be back soon and emboss his name on the white sheet to prove that he never played games with the law. He also said that he will remove all the stains that have been falsely poured onto him. The dissenting of his illegal activities was only on the pages of his enemies. It clearly delineates that false allegations on him by some media companies or sites like The Loadstar and aviationbusinessme.com mention that the allegations are strong and he had some secret hands laid on terrorism. It had been also claimed that two other aviation industry were also engaged in this activity of weapons trafficking which is Veteran Avia and Rayyan Air Pvt. Brash as to claim, that such unpleasant act was done by this media company, for which they later apologized to Mr.Jaideep Mirchandani for falsifying the image of him.

Aviation giant Mr. Mirchandani and his wife Mrs. Indira Mirchandani who is a great feminist suffered unreasonable defame from media and other independent bodies when they found themselves in the American Aviation Blacklist. Their name already reads under the Entity list (US Federal Register) which adversely affected their long-run earned reputation. The grim phases of such a great industrialist were too harsh to accept.

The abridgement of this whole thing could be drawn that he has set an epitome for some other fellow successful industries. But the darker part is the Loadstar accused that he made an attempt of exporting US aircraft which joined hands with terrorism and also shipping large amounts of Russian currency to the Syrian government. Later, Loadstar issued an apology for firing the matter and making faulty claims on him. Also, aviationbusinessme.com issued an apology letter stating that they take back all their accusation and wishes to clear all the allegations they made. They even put off the curtains in which they had the say that government never accused Aerospace One or Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani.

It is not a game! We as media should understand the code of conduct and should not present unclear picture or smear just to create more interesting or newsworthy because the repercussions may happen to a big fall from the grace and blacken someone’s reputation like the highly regarded company, Aerospace One.