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Indiana Port’s 2015 Cargo Record

INDIANAPOLIS (11 February, 2016): In 2015, around 12.2m tons cargo was handled by the Indiana Ports, transcending the record volume of 2014, almost by 18%. In the 54 year long history of the port authority, yearly shipments exceeded 12m tons for the very first time, with the total of higher than 1.8m tons more compared to the record in the previous year.

At the three ports of Lake Michigan and Ohio River, Yearly cargo volumes had a significant increase with the shipments of steel, coal, ethanol-related products and bulk commodities. There was a 69% increase in coal volumes, higher than doubled ethanol shipments 64% increase in DDGs (dried distillers grains) from 2014. Shipments of cement (17% rise), limestone (12% rise), steel (18% rise) and soy products (4% rise) also significantly increased.

Rich Cooper, CEO, Ports of Indiana, said that their port companies as well as stevedores, who impress and attract cargo towards their ports, did outstanding jobs in the year 2015. He added that companies have mastered at investing in the full year maritime access to markets of the worlds by Indiana ports, and also connections to many railroads of Class I and major interstates and highways. He appreciated the companies’ business performance amidst the uncertain economic conditions, especially in the sectors of steel and coal.

In 2015, the Indiana port- Mount Vernon (on Ohio River) in its history of 40 years for the very first time successfully set up a new record in annual shipping, handling 6.6m tons i.e. 36% higher than 2014 and 30% than he last record set up in 1994.

Jeffersonville, another one on Ohio River, performed with a record in annual shipping consistently for the 2nd year, handling 2.8m tons cargo, surpassing the volume of 2014 by 16%. Steel shipments higher than twice the 2014 record, enhanced the auto industry’s record demand. Companies on Jeffersonville port supply components to all 6 of the topmost United States automakers.

Burns Harbor Indiana Port at Lake Michigan had cargo volume at its 2nd highest in almost last twenty years, with 2.8m tons. Rise in heavy-lift project cargos shipping helped in driving the growth with the port receiving multiple beer fermentation tanks shipments for regional brew-houses in Michigan and Illinois.

The Indiana Ports’ mission is developing and maintaining a world-class system of port, committed towards rising Indiana’s economic conditions. The three ports combined contribute around $6.8b in the sum of economic activity of one year to the regional economies; as well as support around 52,000 jobs totally.

The Governor Mike Pence, based on Indiana’s ports’ economic successes, in the 2016 State of the State Address, asked Indiana Ports to explore over building and developing a 4th port in southeast Indiana. He said that Indiana’s ports also have been outstanding catalysts in case of job rise so he has asked them to think upon a fourth port, which can unleash huge economic investment all over the state’s southeast region.