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In-House Cargo Management System Developed by Qatar Airways to Manage Complete Air Cargo Service

It is from a recent report of air cargo news that Qatar Airways has designed a special air cargo management system in order to manage all the end-to-end operations of air cargo service effectively and efficiently. It is a next generation cargo management system which is named as CROAMIS. It is highly efficient in managing the operations of air cargo reservations, accounting and in maintaining complete information system in a single system serving the entire cargo network. Thus, the advanced cargo management system acts as a single scale with strong assurance of profit growth. CROAMIS is developed in-house using innovative ideas suggested by Wipro, based on a similar innovative model.  CROAMIS was mainly designed to ease the business processes involved in air cargo service, especially enabling automation of business operations and acts supportive for carrying collaborative operations smoothly across the supply chain of cargo service. Qatar Airways has designed CROAMIS especially concentrating on latest business functions which include sales, ground handling services, price information and ULD management. Apart from these, the automated cargo management system is an expert in managing the revenue of complete air cargo service. Integrated revenue management module enabled in CROAMIS will manage cargo load, optimizes the revenue and accounts the complete revenue suite. The commendable fact of this system is its development done by using independent state technologies which make the system ready to accept modular changes enabling it cloud ready all the time.

Qatar Airways is has a largest air cargo service carrying out hikes in cargo business year over year. This year, it is termed as fifth largest air cargo service providing cargo services around the world. Remarkable demand is seen in cargo business of Qatar airlines which motivated them to design an in-house cargo management system for their air cargo service. CROAMIS got developed by IT professionals of Qatar Airways intended to meet the growing demands of air cargo business, said by Akbar Al Baker, chief executive of Qatar Airways. He added that the new technology of CROAMIS will add additional benefits to their business in future enabling good technological development in the aviation industry. CROAMIS is going to be a significant part of Qatar Airways managing the day to day operations of air cargo and for providing analytical information like planning and decision-making processes. Ulrich Ogiermann said that they are proud to launch new automated cargo management system (CROAMIS), which is highly advanced in operation managing all the cargo business operations at a single place and in a single application.  He added that the new system would offer more profit for them in the upcoming years.

Qatar Airways is always in search of a new technology which could maintain complete cargo business effectively and for a highly accessible application which can be operated from any system instantly and fast transforming application that can accept the changing scenarios immediately. All these factors influenced us to design CROAMIS, said by Srinivasan A.T, chief information officer of Qatar Airways. It has 150 destinations worldwide maintaining a huge freight network with increasing growth year over year. CROAMIS will help them by automating the entire air cargo services and ground handling operations at Doha Hub at Hamad airport. It is designed with great compatibility. CROAMIS offering multiple functions like e-booking, e-freight, track, trace through air cargo website of Qatar airlines providing real time information of shipments.

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