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Hover board Ban May Extend Further to Drones on Airlines

Keeping in concern of the battery safety in hover boards, airlines of many countries have indulged prohibition on these toys, avoiding their entry inside the aircrafts. This prohibition was announced by airlines over the last holiday season. Now they are thinking to extend their ban towards drones also as same type of batteries are used in these devices. The main reason behind the ban of hover boards is containing of lithium polymer batteries in them. These are very explosive in nature, which can catch fire in seconds. Due to this reason, airlines have kept ban on hover boards and are thinking to extend this on to drone industry. It is known from airline news source that an official named Greg Meyer working at Fort Lauderdale International Airport said that the drones are not allowed inside the airport whether they are in operation or full packed in the passenger luggage. Meanwhile, it is expected that the ban is going to be applied only for some airports specifically.

According to aviation news – The main concern to ban these hover boards and drones is to avoid explosion from batteries made of lithium polymer, which are used in purpose of supplying power to devices. These batteries when damaged or improperly manufactured will be at high risk of explosion. They can catch fire easily, particularly on aircrafts, which are catastrophic in nature. This type of batteries is sometimes even used in some electronics and laptops. Considering the large utility of lithium polymer batteries, some specific guidelines are prepared by security agency of transportation, resembling the type of batteries to be carried out in different compartments and quantity that can be carried out on aircrafts. According to these specific guidelines, passengers can carry two lithium batteries, which are greater than 8 grams in weight, weighing each one up to 25 grams. It means one can carry about 25 grams in each bag. In general, drones are enabled with lithium weighing 8 grams.

It is said by a spokesperson of security agency of transportation that their agency has not confirmed its prohibition on drones but said that the airlines have their specific policies to be followed. Meanwhile, it is said by representatives belonging to Delta Airlines and American Airlines that they have not indulged any direct ban on drones. Though the ban was not indulged directly, it is still left on the mercy of airport or on the official of airport, who is unaware of policies of checked luggage, when the passengers reach their departure. Passengers concerned deep may call further to airport before they leave. Although there are only few airlines indulging ban on hover boards, it is became necessary to passengers to check the policies before checking luggage. It is an expectation that the ban may extend further for Drones, keeping concern of safety.