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Heathrow to Transform Air Cargo Services – Great News for Shippers and Forwarders

Heathrow Air Cargo ServicesIt is known from a source that after a long gap, Heathrow Airport has announced that it is ready for the transformation of air cargo services. Recently, the shippers and forwarders expressed that they are facing increased congestion problems at the airport which in turn increasing their waiting times and operational costs. There is no other option left for logistic companies to mitigate the waiting times of trucks, except adding additional vehicles for diminishing the waiting times completely. It is said by a major shipper of air freight services that due to longer waiting times, import handling became difficult damaging the import products badly.

This is mainly happening due to the delays carried out in collecting cargo load from the cargo flights. The problem has turned into a serious issue last week when the CHIEF, which is customs system of UK, processing imports and exports has failed completely in taking the entries. A forwarder offering services of sir freight said that, although there is the impact of CHIEF issues on cargo services but it is in a limit. He said that the main problem is due to congestion at particular freight area of the horseshoe. Severe congestion at the freight area and equal congestion at the airport are showing great impact on the freight operations creating a drastic situation for forwarders and hauliers, wasting their time and money along with enabling losses to them by delayed deliveries. It is known from another source that the situation has become even worse since from the takeover deal of WFS with IAG cargo import services and perishables in the month of April.

He said that waiting times have increased high, impacted by all these factors and the same issue continued for almost all the sheds. He added that they don’t feel that they have a backlog of delay but they are thinking to use more vehicles for handling the collection in a timely-manner, in order to gain customers belief once again by delivering their products on time. He continued that shippers and forwarders have to pay additional costs for these operations involved. It came to know that SEGRO which is a cargo service handling company at Heathrow Airport is re-constructing the parking area which is leading to the space reduction. While another source says that this is adding problem to the existing one. It is said by Spokeswoman of SEGRO that the work has been going on in phases so that least impact would fall on the services and said that it is going to complete in the upcoming week.

The main problem faced by the cargo community of airport was due to the outdated horseshoe. In recent years, Heathrow has concentrated little on the users of freight services. Nick Platts was the head of the cargo services at Heathrow Airport. He said that the airport has completed its consultation meeting with cargo service users and is soon going to complete its cargo strategy within no time. He said that they have a plan to transform cargo services at Heathrow Airport and is going to work with all the shareholders in order to improve the handling services effectively. At the same time, Aviva Investors and SEGRO with combined partnership have launched a new logistics development company named as Skyline, immediate to Heathrow Airport. The development company includes construction of two warehouses which are expected to complete by next summer.

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