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lithium-ion battery ban

GSF: Battery Ban ‘Disappointing’

Lithium-ion battery banBanning the air transport of lithium-ion batteries on the passenger aircrafts was claimed as ‘disappointing’ by The Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) as it opposes previous recommendations.

The ban also does not seem to consider the bigger issue of undeclared freight shipments of battery or counterfeits of low-quality, added the Forum.

The forum also informed that it is in support of the rather more proportionate, recommended measures by the expert panel for dangerous goods of ICAO previous October, that also had a proposal of allowing the shipment upon passenger aircraft, (a) only if those batteries are charged up to 30% of their highest limit, and (b) only one package is included in one consignment for some particular battery types.

Alex Veitch, Policy Head, GSF said that their forum is with the ICAO’S Panel’s recommendations as it will allow the lithium-ion batteries appropriately declared to be shipped in the form of cargo freight safely on the passenger aircraft.

Veitch added that it is a must for the ICAO to now keep up speed and act upon the agreement for new standards of packaging for these batteries; the forum cannot wait for 2018 to resolve the issue and the passenger aircraft ban will disorder the world-wide supply chain of the essential products that are significant for international shipping and trade.