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Georgia feels happy about the first transit train visit from China – Cargo news

The latest cargo news has reported that Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibhashvili is extremely happy that the first transit train from China to Turkey has reached Georgia by this Sunday. He was so happy that Georgia is a part of this historic event. He told that this train arriving at Turkey is really a great event and this will be definitely marked in the history. The train has reached the Georgia on this Sunday. There was an event organized on the arrival of the train at Georgia. Prime minister of Georgia has taken the special part in the event. In the event he has told that it is a great day in the History of Georgia.

While talking in the event, Prime Minister Irakli has told that the cooperation that the countries giving towards the silk route is only to make the cargo services possible between the Europe and China. This silk route is offering the short span delivery of cargos and thus the countries on this silk route have accepted the move, he added to the reporters in the event. It is well known that the country has sent 21 containers in the train filled with the electronic goods. The train was travelling towards the Lianyungang port of China. On the way, the containers were detrained at Kazakhstan and the goods were sent to various parts of the country through freighters and also through shipping cargos. The sources have told that the complete transit time will definitely take a period of 15 days in total.

Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli has told that this Silk Road is a historic link that connects most important parts of the world and it gives an opportunity for the cargo services between different nations. He added to the reporters that the Georgia is merely going to act as an important link between the Asia and Europe. It was officially announced that the train in the silk route will be carrying thousands of loads from the year 2016 and this was just an initiating event to let the world know that there is a successful route in land between China and Europe. Soon the cargo services between two continents will be at full fledge and the trains will be carrying several thousands of loads in it, said the sources. At last, this historic route has got a chance to link the major parts of the world, especially the two important continents of the world.