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Finnair Airlines Continues to Explores New Routes in Asian Countries

According to the latest airlines news report – It is seen that Finnair Airlines is continuing to expand its network around Asia. In addition, the airlines continued to expand its traffic in Asia by opening additional bellyhold routes to Guangzhou and Fukuoka. Finnair Airlines is thinking to expand its network around Asia by adding new bellyhold routes to these destinations, in which Fukuoka belongs to Japan and Guangzhou belongs to China. They are thinking to add these new routes from the upcoming summer season i.e., in 2016.

Pekka Vauramo is the chief executive and president of Finnair Airlines. He said that they are striving for a goal to make their traffic double in Asia by 2020, taking baseline from 2010. He said that these two destinations would be crucial for their airlines helping them in reaching their target. He said that Finnair Airlines is maintaining a tradition of fast connections in between Asia and Europe since from a long time. They have a name in the establishment of fast and smooth connections in between Europe and Asia mediating through their hub in Helsinki. He said that they are excited to expand their network further for these two markets soon.

It is announced by Finnair Airlines that it is going to open direct route towards Fukuoka which is in the southern part of Japan. It is said by airlines that they are going to start this new route in the upcoming spring season in 2016. The new route is going to operate with three weekly frequencies. This new service to Fukuoka makes the Finnair Airlines stand unique from other airlines of Europe. It is the only European airlines providing services to different cities of Japan. It is known from a source that the Finnair Airlines is going to provide its services to four crucial destinations belonging to Japan, which include daily connections towards Osaka, Tokyo Narita, and Nagoya. It is announced by the Finnair Airlines that it is going to open a new route to China. The airlines said that it is going provide its passenger flight services to China from its own hub which is in Helsinki. It also said that the new service will start its operation from Helsinki hub towards Guangzhou, which is in China.

Finnair airlines said that the new route service to china will operate with four weekly frequencies which are going to come into existence from 6th May to 29th October 2016. Guangzhou is going to be the sixth destination for Finnair airlines in China. Along with this destination, Finnair Airlines is providing round services throughout the year to Shanghai, Chongqing, and Beijing. Along with these destinations, the Finnair Airlines is offering services to Xi’an during summer. It is announced by Finnair Airlines that these two destinations will be offered with their services using Airbus A330 aircraft. With the newly added routes, Finnair Airlines is going to connect Guangzhou and Fukuoka to more than 60 destinations around the countries through their own Helsinki hub.