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FedEx Boeing 767 freighter N107FE

FedEx To Place An Order Of Around 100 Boeing 767-300 Freighters

The news about FedEx making a deal with The Boeing Company for an order of about 50 of the 767-300 freighters and they are considering to order 50 more of these fuel efficient aircrafts that are in demand in the market. The company is trying to expand and modernize its aircraft and is planning on taking full advantage of this new deal.

According to our sources, this deal is worth around $20 billion and with the extra order for 50 new 767 freighter aircrafts, FedEx is on to expand their business.  The talks of FedEx planning to make a deal on the 767-300s have been going around since last year, but there was some disagreement on the price value. But as of now, FedEx has officially made the decision to acquire the fuel efficient 767-300s for business. The aircraft has been in demand for quite some time due to its efficiency. The 767-300s are profitable to FedEx and they assist in the overall growth of the company. Boeing is backing up on their production of the aircraft and is glad to know that it is being appreciated by the company. The order for 50 of the 767-300s freighters is confirmed with an option of 50 more for now.

FedEx is expanding its aircraft count for quite some time in an attempt to improve the fuel efficiency as a solution to the growing demand. According to the order specifications state, the 50 ordered units will soon be delivered somewhere in the start of the 2018 fiscal year. FedEx has still to receive some of the previous orders they made with Boeing which include 18 777Fs and 19 767-300Fs which are yet to be delivered. By the end of the fiscal year 2023, FedEx will have about 123 freighters in its fleet. Most of the older aircraft will be disposed off to replace them with new fuel efficient aircrafts. With more efficient and profit inducing fleet, the gross profit margin is expected to attain a boost.

Based on the demand, Boeing is producing the 767 at a rate of 1.5 per month and soon is planning to increase it to 2 per month. There is no news on a change in the size and capacity of the fleet for at least the next 7 years. If all goes well and if the demand picks up, FedEx can soon order more freighters of other types. As per reports the company is trying to prepare itself for the best and the worst in the express market.