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Iranian Air Cargo Carriers

EU Removes Ban From Zambian And Iranian Air Cargo Carriers

European Union Commission has removed the bans imposed on various Zambian and Iranian based air cargo carriers. Among the list of airlines that were earlier banned are Air Madagascar (Zambian based airline), Citilink, Batik Air and Lion Air from Iran. The list includes most of the Iran-based airlines that provided  freight services.

“It was due to the technical and other safety related concerns that we had to ban most of the air cargo carriers and international freight forwarders from Zambia “Violeta Bul , the EU Commissioner for Transport reported the press earlier on last Thursday. He further added “But now we are happy to announce that in past seven years we jointly worked with both the countries to help technically develop the aviation industry so as to match our standards. The result is quite pleasing, and we all can see that today all the air carriers from Zambia and most of the Iranian airlines can fly in and out of European boundaries”.

In the list of banned airlines, there are still around 216 carriers. All of these provide various air cargo services but their safety and quality standards are low as per standards set for international freight forwards. Among the list Blue Wing Airlines and Iraqi Airways have individual bans and are subject to direct clearance from EU Commission.

The list still has a further six air cargo carriers that have clearance but are subject to specific aircraft types to operate in European countries. The six airlines are Gabon-based Nouvelle Air Affaires SN2AG, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea based Air Koryo, the Comros based Air Service Comores, and Angola-based TAAG Angola Airlines.