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DSV Expand Their Groupage Services To And From Poland

One of the largest freight service providers in the world DSV recently announced that the company is going to broaden their service to and from Poland.  Warsaw, Wroclaw and Łódź are some of the currently operational terminals and Gdansk and Poznan are added to the list which makes it possible for DSV to offer their services directly to all the major industrial areas in Poland. DSV has been operating since 1995 in Poland. DSV has steadily grown into one of the leading logistics service providers in Poland especially after the 2006 acquisition of Frans Maas and merger with ABX in 2008.

DSV hopes that UK trade with Poland will keep continuing and growing. The company is aiming to offer their existing as well as new customers a reliable and quick groupage and load service that is impeccable and proficient. The CEO of DSV Poland Road Division Mr. Piotr W. Krawiecki explained that the company is experiencing a boost in demand for top notch groupage services from their customers around the world. Opening up new routes to and from Poland will give DSV an opportunity to deliver swift and reliable groupage and other services to their clients and accommodate their high requirements. According to sources, DSV has been experiencing a good amount of growth in trade lines from Poland especially for products like furniture, car parts, food products, machinery, packaging materials etc.

According to DSV, small scale, as well as medium-sized manufacturers and large enterprises, are demanding for direct departure to and from Poland since it will speed up delivery time. This latest development is bound to bring positive results for the UK trade industry. The expansion of service in Poland is a tactical investment according to DSV since it is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. Both DSV Poland and The UK are involved in the formulation as well as the delivery of these new services. The company is focused on offering reliable delivery services to their customers that pars excellence. Both the branches are focusing on making the transport services smoother and reliable so that the customers continue to support DSV.

The UK sector has a close relationship with the Poland office which is why their service is reliable and impeccable. The cooperation between the two sectors has helped them attend to their customer’s requirements to a great extent which differentiates them from their competitors.

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