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DHL Opens Logistic innovation Center in Singapore

According to the recently cargo news report, the famous cargo service company DHL has opened a new innovation center for Asia Pacific at Singapore. The company has told that this is the first innovation center of DHL that has been opened out of Germany. The center was located in the Tampines Logispark at Singapore. According to the report made by the officials of DHL to the reporters, the innovation center at Singapore will be involving in researches on the latest trends of logistics and this will be bringing better solutions to meet the needs of the customers worldwide. The company’s officials have told that opening the innovation center at Singapore will let them have a great exposure to the trends worldwide as the Singapore acts as a hub for the world cargo.

When saying about the purpose of new innovation center at the Asia Pacific, the officials have told that the sustained leadership of the freight company in the industry will be ensured in the future also by successfully differentiating the services of DHL from the other companies. The company will be involving into various dimensions of the industry by ensuring the new technologies are capable enough to handle the services to the customers. The customer needs in the new era will be met with full efficiency. The DHL wants to be the leader in the industry and thus they bring the best always to the customers. The DHL will ensure the safe delivery of the goods to the customers. Let it be the glasses or warehouse assembly, the DHL will deliver it to the customers right on time with complete safety ensured to the customers.

APIC was nothing but a part of the DHL’s ambition, said the company officials. DHL wants to be the pioneer in the field. Hence they always try to impose the most possible higher end technologies into the industry. The innovation center at the Asia Pacific is going to responsible for those researches hereafter, said the company officials. The center that was located in the Singapore will be serving the Asian market from now on, said the company sources. The DHL has also planned to open other innovation centers at various Cargo Hubs all around the world, so that they will get a good exposure to the happenings there in those hubDHL’s Supply Chains and will get to know the mindset of people at various parts of the world. This will help them to analyze and serve the best for those regional people. This freight company will open more innovation centers soon.

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