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Daimler Brings Innovation Into Cargo Industry With Autonomous Trucks

Daimler’s has unveiled their latest innovation called the Inspiration Truck has its premise set quite high and the industry is talking about it.  The future truck is claimed to be one of the very first autonomous truck around the globe and Daimler is all set to make it a reality. The enterprise is all set to get this innovative project on the road and is currently in the process of getting approval for public/commercial use. The Inspiration truck was granted a license which is a rarity in itself and a real privilege. The license granted to the truck is for road use in the State of Nevada and it’s a true inspiration for other companies in the industry.

Daimler is waiting for a complete approval for the use of these innovative creations on the streets and will immediately get it moving once they get all the necessary certifications. The executive board member of Daimler, Mr. Wolfgang Bernhard is confident and exclaimed that they are positive that they will attain approval for tests within the next week on the German motorways and once they do, they will start immediately. He also stated that the initial tests will be carried out in Baden-Wuerttemberg which is the home state of Daimler and within a span of 3 years series production will be underway.

The vehicle will feature a system called the “Highway Pilot” which will include a stereo camera, lasers, radar and other mechanisms meant for constant assistance. Although it will be a completely autonomous truck, a driver will always be present for supervision and control of the system for safety reasons. The driver will be able to activate the system as soon as it’s on the highway and then the computer will take over the controls and handles everything from steering, stopping, accelerating and making pit stops when required. The system is completely comprehensive and extremely efficient. The company is hoping to test the vehicle out this year and get all the necessary certifications as soon as possible.

The company believes that not having to check and operate the system every single moment will give the driver an opportunity to focus on other activities like managing the cargo and dealing with paperwork. The current model and design of the Inspiration truck is specially made to suit highways and not regular roadways and suburbs. Regular drivers will be required for navigation around the suburban area and the city.

The computers are also quite advanced and high-tech with features that will revolutionize the freight industry. There have been many cases of accidents and mishaps occurring due to the negligence of drivers, so these new autonomous trucks seem like an excellent and promising future. The computer systems are also formulated particularly to send out warning signals and warn the driver to take over in case of any difficult and unforeseen situations like bad weather since most of the cameras might not work in such a situation. The camera system effectively tracks the lines that are on the road as well as the signs to ensure that the vehicle always stays in the lane. The progress on the manufacturing and testing of these autonomous trucks are going well and you might soon see more of these on the road.