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Cuban Cargo Having On a Roll in Havana

After a block of almost half-a-century which some though will never end, Cuban cargo and United States air cargo carriers again stand poised for begin an expanding services roster between Cuba and the U.S.

Air freight between Europe and Havana has seen a thrive, and though doors were shut between Cuba and the U.S., business was not slackened between Canada, Toronto and Cuba Exports included high technology goods, perishables like pharma and foods and hotel supplies.

Products imported to Canada include tropical vegetables and fruits and Cuban cigars.

A significant aspect of the future air freight potential of Cuba will be from its capability of attracting companies interested in utilizing Cuba as a central hub for other Central American and Caribbean regions.

At present, the Aviation Hub title is to Florida, South Florida and Miami. But the workforce costs, culture and location for cargo freight is in Havana which has attracted countries from Europe as well as other regions for years.

Now the skies seem opening for the USA, Cuba’s location will be growing brighter to be a good destination for air cargo.