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Courage Marine Has Planned to Close Taiwan – Reported the Cargo Shipping News

According to the recent cargo shipping news, the famous courage marine has planned to close the Taiwan and has planned to streamline their services. The company has also planned to reduce the cost of their services as the market is so dry. The company somehow wants to survive in the industry and that made it to make so much changes in the services, said the sources. The market was so dry for a very long time in the cargo industry. Especially in shipping cargos, the market is too dry and many companies are suffering from huge loss due to less profit. Thus in order to attract more customers, the Courage marine has planned to reduce the cost of most of their services. Also to avoid more loss, the company has planned to close Taiwan, to which it handles very less cargos.

The company was into loss for a very long time and thus the courage marine has already closed so many of their assets previously. Since the situation prevails still, the company has now planned to cut down some of their less operated routes; especially the foreign shipping routes. According to this move, the company will not be operating ships to some of the major hubs of cargos like Taiwan and Shanghai. Many industry people have told that this would be a mistake in the history of Courage marine, as both the cities that they are going to avoid was not any smaller ports, but important cargo hubs in the world. But the company has told that since they are not operating more ships to these ports, it is wise of close these routes and they are very clear that the decision will save a lot of money.

The company has told that once the routes are closed, the company will be centralized at Hong Kong. The company officials have recently given an interview to the reporters. In the interview, the officials have told that the offices at the Taiwan port and the representative office at the Shanghai port will be closed soon as they are not used much and the route completely will be closed due to excess loss than the profit that the route yields. When the reporters questioned them on the reduction of cost in the cargo services, the company officials have told that the shipping rates will be reduced for the purpose of attracting more customers towards the company and the services will be streamlined once the services to Taiwan and Shanghai was closed.