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Cargo Ship Towed Before Hitting French Coast

Rescuers have started towing the cargo ship which was floating freely since 5 days by threatening to get aground in the southwest of France.

The images broadcasted showed the Modern Express, 538-foot high, on Monday, getting towed by a ship through a cable. It was adrift 28 miles from the coast of France and the rescuers primarily want to take it offshore farther before getting a safe and suitable harbour.

Rescue attempts in the weekend were hindered by high winds with 20-foot waves.

The Panama-registered vessel’s crew was evacuated following the distress call issued last Tuesday. 3,600 tons equipment and woods are being carried by the ship.

It all began on 26 January, with the ship voyaging to the Le Havre port of France from Gabon, beginning to tilt severely on one side.

Twenty-two ship crew members were clinging on to the topside railing of the listing ship until being moved to safety by a Spanish helicopter on Tuesday. After that the crewless cargo ship is drifting in the Bay of Biscay between France and Spain uncontrollably.

De Oliveira informed reporters that the 3,600 tons of construction equipment and timber will not cause much environmental impact. But the ship also has diesel fuel 300 tons which can contaminate the beautiful Landes coast.