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Cargo Service Operations will go air by New Malaysian Airlines

It is seen cargo demand rising day by day, reminding the need of new cargo carrier companies for balancing the load demand. It is really a long process to introduce new cargo carriers immediately keeping surplus load demand factor in concern as carriers have to go through multiple audit checks before they come into use. A similar thing happened with Malaysian airlines which had started its operations with little change in its previous entity as MAB, after the allotment of air operator’s certificate from the Department of Civil Aviation belonging to Malaysia. Malaysian airlines have gone through audits for several months in order to give an assurance about their cargo service regarding its MRO capability, airworthiness and regulatory conformity etc. It is termed to be an important phase in the evolution history of Malaysian national airline said by Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai after issuing AOC. Last year Malaysian airlines lost two aircrafts in an accident. The newly introduced aircraft mitigated the loss of these two aircrafts. It is already reported in air cargo news that the Malaysian flight MH370 missed over the Indian Ocean in the month of March last year while travelling from Kaula Lumpur to Beijing, which is still remained as a mystery. Another Malaysian airlines flight MH17 was got down at Ukraine four months later from the first flight crash which happened while travelling from Amsterdam to Kaula Lumpur.

These two tragic incidents aided as reasons supporting under performance of Malaysian airlines which forced it to buy assets of former Malaysia Airline System (MAS) by using wealth fund of Malaysian sovereign. These asset values are about 1.6 billion dollars which are used for renationalization effectively. Christoph Mueller was appointed as CEO of MAB in the month of May who was formerly CEO of Aer Lingus. He was very serious about the reinvention of MAB as a full-time regional carrier cargo service. He also said that the company got completely renewed transforming everything in a new disguise. It is clearly unclear why the former arm MASKargo terminated several long haul routes till today. He said that Khazanah initiated a 12 point plan for revitalizing Malaysian Airlines. But due to some uncertainty created from political and economic issues in the country, the carrier company noticed about 300,000 people is participating in a rally demanding for resignation of country’s Prime Minister under the allegation of corruption. This situation in the country turned difficulties for the government stopping it from fulfilling the goals.

Rally going on around the country showed a great impact on the issues belonging to the country. It is seen ringgit value falling down day by day which acts as an advantage for exporters. Though it is expected to be advantageous for export operations, main exports of Malaysia viz., oil and industrial raw materials are suffering from the situations of wider turmoil across the region and decline in global commodities prices. MAB did not reveal any information regarding those six freighters viz., two 747-400 and four A330-200 but got information from a source that the carrier is thinking to get rid of these freighters by leasing or selling them.

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