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CAL Cargo to launch new peak service to Far East and Europe – Air Cargo News

According to the recent air cargo news, the niche freighter operator, CAL Cargo Airlines is planning to go with a new peak service. The service will be including the flights from Halifax to Far East and Europe. The sources have confirmed the news very recently and the company is about to make formal announcement on this. But already the company officials have given many statements on the new service. One of the company officials has told that the time table for the flight from Halifax to China, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Belgium is already ready. With the new service, the company is hoping the Canadian lobster cargo. This niche air transport company has its headquarters at Israel and it has its hub at the Belgium Liege Airport.

When the reporters have questioned the CEO of CAL Group, Eyal Zagagi about the plan of new service, he told that the whole team of CAL group is really excited to open their flight services from Halifax to other parts of the world, especially to Europe and Far East. He has also added that before two months the company has added new services like round trips to Halifax to Georgia (US) and also to Atlanta. He told that the company has got its foot hold strong in North America now with the increased number of services to various parts of the continent. He added to the reporters that the company is looking forward for the further growth in the New Year and also to have a sustained service all over the continent. Lobster is nothing but a key traffic out of Halifax. CAL spokesperson has told that a complete set of air Freight forwarders are expected to avail the service.

Zagagi has added to the reporters that the company is mainly designed to provide high quality and timely services to the customers. When he was saying about the quality of their air freights, he told that the entire network was designed in such a way that provides rapid solutions to distribute the goods on time and safe. The goods may include live animals, perishables, medical goods and also various complex shipments. He told that the company is strictly following all the regulations made for the cargo industry. Especially in case of lobster transportation and sea agriculture, the company doesn’t want to make any compensation in the industry regulations. In the last June, the company officials have told that, by the end of this year the company would have gained many air freights. Their confidence have really paid them, said the industry people.

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