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CAL Air Cargo Service

CAL Air Cargo Service to Concentrate on Atlanta’s Pharmacy Market with New Air Cargo Route

Despite, the drastic conditions of cargo market, freighter airlines are in a good phase of growth this year. The current situation of decline in demand affecting air cargo service did not cause any decline in growth rate of freighter airlines, as they are benefited with low fuel prices. At the same instance, belly cargo service carriers did not avail many benefits from low fuel prices. Due to these problems, all the cargo operators are finding new routes for their shipment to rescue their cargo services from losses. It is known from a latest air cargo news report that one of the leading cargo service carrier group named Cargo Airlines CAL is thinking to target the pharmacy market of Atlanta concerned about the great demand. CAL is an Israeli owned carrier company, which is an expert in freight and cargo services since many years and is successfully providing efficient cargo services to its customers. Now, it is thinking to concentrate on pharmacy market of Atlanta as a new route founded in between Liege and Atlanta. As there is much demand for pharma market at Atlanta, CAL is thinking to take advantage of pharma services especially.

It is said by CAL that it is going start its cargo services from September 25th which are going to continue twice a week using GSA ATC Aviation in a loop as ATL-LGG-ATL. Yona Cymerman, a spokeswoman, said that they are going to initiate services to Atlanta via JFK online station where a considerable hike is seen in demand justifying this online station. She added that they are going to provide two rotations per week which are not seasonal but will expand as per requirement. Eyal Zagagi said that Atlanta is going to be great potential to them, helping to improve the cargo services to the market adding Atlanta as an additional online station. Eyal Zagagi was the CEO of Cargo Airlines group. He added that it is going to be another forward step supporting their growth in cargo services which in turn strengthens their US network. He said that they are thinking to increase their visibility throughout the year by adopting such new services. Last year, Eyal Zagagi in an interview said that they have more than enough fleet capacity with two 747-400Fs aiding towards the smooth flow of current cargo services.

He said there is the only requirement of 1.2 aircraft for scheduled cargo services so that they will offer charters in the rest of time. He added even it is a small airline; it is following a strategy to create its own competitive space. As the company is small, it is hungry to have bigger bite said by Zagagi. The charter business of CAL group is going well and it is expecting to see a great hike in demand by the end of this year, said by Cymerman. She said that Liege is an ideal source for increasing pharma cargo services proximity as it is exactly at the middle of golden triangle (Frankfurt-Paris-Amsterdam) allowing easy access to most of the European regions. Cargo Airlines going to run a high operation of RFS spreading over complete Europe. She said that they are moving around ten thousands of trucks on an average of 2,500 trucks per month across the Europe.

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