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alaska's cargo ship

Alaska’s Cargo Ship Not Out Yet!

A ship from Tote Maritime of Alaska that was going to leave Tacoma before around 2 weeks for Anchorage will not be back in service as decided on Wednesday.

It is a cargo ship named The North Star from the 2 cargo ships owned by the company and travels regularly over the route from Tacoma towards Anchorage. Due to a discovery of some mechanical issue, it did not depart from Washington State according to the scheduled departure of Jan. 14.

One of officials from the company informed in the previous week that the repairing work was expected to complete in this week’s beginning. And the ship’s next trip was announced for 27 Jan, but the date now has been extended and the time is unspecified.

On Tuesday, the company on its website said that the test results from dock trails show that the ship’s repairs will take time.

The company is estimating its next departure and said that it will keep updating the latest positions of its repairs and departure.

In the previous week, Alaska’s grocery stores

Alaska News ran low due to absence of certain items brought to them by the ship. The other cargo ship of the company, named the Midnight Sun regularly runs on the route between Washington and Alaska. Midnight Sun’s next voyage is on Friday.

Kristin Summerlin, a marketing manager in Co-op Market Grocery and Deli in Fairbanks, informed that their store was to receive dry groceries like grains, pasta and also pasta sauce through the North Star. But she said she expects some shelves will be empty and there is no way for knowing their arrival due to the ship’s delay.

Melinda Merrill, company spokesperson said that many of the Fred Meyer stores in Alaska had been affected due to the delay. But the superstore chain knew about the delay early this week and loaded its groceries on one of the Matson ships.

Merill also said that it won’t impact them much as this week they will not have delayed shipments.

One of the Tote’s executive did not answer emails or phone calls asking to comment upon the story.