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Air Cargo Services Community Frankfurt to Launch New Website

It is known fact that cargo services involve multiple operations which cannot be maintained by a single person. Every cargo service runs by multiple people with successful completion of individual duties. But all the time depending upon individuals in this 21st century is foolish. Technology has improved much penetrating its roots into multiple fields. It’s time to computerize the cargo services offering timely services. Almost all the cargo services have realized this fact and are implementing effectively. Recently, air cargo community Frankfurt launched a website to ease the operations of cargo services. In this website, they have included the aims, objectives and activities of the community along with the information of members working in it. Moreover, they also included information about the community doings offering great transparency to the customers. As air freight hub of Frankfurt was recently started cargo service, promotion of this hub is compulsory. For this hub promotion, the community planned a strategy and these details are also included in the website which can be accessed easily by customers. The complete website is available in two languages i.e., in English and German helping out the international audience for easy access.

Initially air cargo community Frankfurt operated with a temporary website to understand the criteria which made them happy giving representation to their community online, said by Joachim von Winning, executive director. It is seen the number of visitors visiting the website is increasing day by day from past few weeks which indicates the high-level interest of customers in the community and its cargo services and logistics industry. He added that it is highly encouraging to experience a hike in the number of visitors visiting their website. The main aim of the website is to communicate with the customers about their cargo services. At the same time, they want to increase curiosity of customers attracting them with the information of community, members belonging to the community and the location from where it is carrying all the cargo services effectively and efficiently. They are concentrating more on the area of cargo service where the cargo operations are carried out. A special feature of Frankfurt Airport is it is enabled with almost all the special services at a single place, which are highly valued by the other airlines, shippers and freight forwarders across the world.

The complete air cargo community Frankfurt is managed by 33 members who are responsible for the complete operations carried out in air cargos service process chain. These members will supervise the cargo service operations at Frankfurt Airport. They are highly committed staff striving hard to make cargo service community Frankfurt more efficient in work and attractive in service. Project offers got for the air cargo community are handled by competence teams. These teams will be responsible for accepting new projects, initiating them and managing them effectively. Competence teams include 70 representatives which belong to the community. The main duties of competence teams are to concentrate more on procedures handled by cargo service, marketing the community services and in particular, to monitor temperature controlled transports. At the same time, they should be high alert while transporting pharmaceuticals.

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