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Aerospace One Chief Jaideep Mirchandani Unbeaten by accusation

It is right said that a clear conscience laughs at false accusations. Aerospace One chief Jaideep Mirchandani was finally cleared from the unfound accusation and later found innocent after reviewing all evidence. Few months back, Aerospace One, a triumphant industry suffered false allegations by US government.

Aerospace one chief jaideep mirchandani
Jaideep G. Mirchandani (Chairman) of Aerospace One

The media companies like The Loadstar accused that Jaideep Mirchandani along with Veteran Avia and Rayyan Air Pvt. was involved in outrageous activities in supporting the Assad regime in Syria and other illegal activities. This unclear picture by media companies was later found that this was just smeared tactics to defame the highly-graded reputation of the chief. Later media companies like The Loadstar and aviationbusinessme.com apologized and mentioned accusation was unwarranted and completely false.

Mr. Mirchandani showed courtesy in allowing the matter to drop and behaved so kind and unbeaten in the face of this lapse of his character. Jaideep Mirchandani and his family suffered from defamation which was slandered by some media companies. But gradually they restore their good names and regained public’s faith.

The media should not distort facts and frame story with a grain of salt and spices. They should stop making trials without witnesses.  The false accusation can do irreparable damage to the reputations of successful industries like Aerospace One.