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Additional Air Freight Offered for Second Iranian City by Emirates

Emirates announced that it will increase its air freight capacity to Iran next month. It will add additional freights when Dubai-based carrier’s passenger arm initiates non-stop A330-200 flight service to Mashhad for five times a week starting from next month September 1. ‘Emirates’ has its service expansion in the capital city Tehran as its first Iranian destination. It is now going to expand its services to Mashhad which is in northeast Iran and if it succeeds, it will become second Iranian destination for Emirates.  It is recorded as 17,500 tons of cargo transportation is carried out by Emirates last year including both exports and imports.

Khalid Mohd Al Hinai, who was vice president of cargo commercial for GCC, Iran and the Middle East, said that Iran acts as significant market for Emirates SkyCargo along with a flexibility of their Dubai hub located in between east and west. He said that they are offering good services for Iranian manufacturers enabling access to their global network enriched with innovative products and services. He also said that they are offering cool chain to safeguard time and temperature sensitive commodities. They are expecting for long time trade relation being continued in between UAE and Iran. This new service launch is an initiative to flourish the trades between UAE and Iran. It is the direct service available five times in a week.

Along with newly launched service to Mashhad, the capacity has increased considerably providing more than 150 tonnes of belly-hold capacity. By which overall capacity between Iran and UAE has been increased. It will be offering the service with complete capacity each week. Moreover, it would support Iran further by exporting vegetables, fruits, nuts, carpets, saffron and by importing meat, automobile parts, machinery, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment etc. Thus by introducing new service, noticeable trade increase is seen in Iran with a hike in imports and exports. There are multiple top markets to which Emirates SkyCargo carrying Iranian’s exports. Riyadh, Dubai, Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Kuwait, Melbourne are some top markets to which Emirates carries exports of Iran. UAE, Seoul, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Basel, Shanghai, Mumbai are some top markets from which Emirates carries imports to Iran.

This year, in the month of July, Iran accepted a long-term nuclear deal with UK, France, China, US, Russia and Germany, in order to limit its nuclear activities. Iran accepted this deal mainly for limiting nuclear actions and for lifting crippling sanctions. Whatever may be the reason, it is trying to create its own place in the field of trade by maximizing its import and export capacity. Emirates extended service is going to be profitable for both. Increased capacity will enhance the trade growth which in turn increases revenue and profits for both. Additional freight services are commendable reducing freight time and increasing flexibility. With great availability of services each week, more products can be imported and exported. Additional cool chain services are plus points for protecting the goods from damage.

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