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A Total of 15 Siemens Locomotives Ordered By PKP Cargo for Freight Services

It is good land cargo news for Siemens and PKP Cargo as they both have signed the contract where Siemens is supposed to produce more than a dozen multisystem electric locomotives. PKP Cargo will use these locomotives for its various logistics purposes. Siemens obtained the order through bidding where other different locomotives manufacturers also bid their best to get the order.

The 23rd of September marked to be a great day in Trako trade fair in Gdansk as PKP Cargo made a special announcement regarding the locomotives production that would be utilized for logistics. The announcement was for the order that was placed by PKP Cargo to Siemens to deliver locomotives within a stipulated time. A total of 15 (Fifteen) Siemens Vectron electric locomotives were ordered by the PKP Cargo group.

Known as a giant in freight services, PKP Cargo owns innumerable locomotives and few more Siemens locomotives are also added to its list.  The expensive contract, which was signed after bidding by various manufacturers, was for a whole of €75m for the locomotives and an additional €26m for 5 more locomotives that would be exercised by 2017 year end. The contract also mainly includes the maintenance of all the locomotives delivered by Siemens for a good eight years and it also includes the spare parts provision that can be utilized in case of any issues in the locomotives.

The 15 multisystem electric locomotives are supposed to be built in Siemens’ very own plant in Munchen – Allach. These locomotives are due between the month of January 2016 and the summer of 2017. All these locomotives are equipped to specifically operate in the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany. Three of these locomotives are planned to be equipped for Netherland too.

According to the President of the PKP Cargo management board, Mr. Adam Purwin, the above €75m contract between PKP Cargo and Siemens is one of the largest investment of PKP cargo. This is with respect to the rolling stock as mentioned by him. Adam Purwin also stated that PKP Cargo is taking another big step towards enhancing its international position and is working continuously towards strengthening its valuable presence in various neighboring countries markets with respect to locomotives.

The board of member of Operations of PKP Cargo, Wojciech Derda has explained that the tender was mainly prepared with a single motto that lots of locomotive manufacturers participate eagerly and the best one wins the bid. It has been noted that Newag has also bid.

The growing PKP Cargo’s future looks bright with large investments like the one above and strategically etching its international position among its various neighboring counterparts. The investment of €75m on Siemens locomotives is sure to add the feather on its cap.

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