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3PLs – In search of Alternatives Due to Severe Tianjin Explosion

Tianjin_explosionThe big explosion took place at Tianjin on Wednesday has great impact shown on third party logistics. It is known from the source that third party logistic provider is in search of alternatives in order to re-route cargos for other Chinese ports. Although vessel access channel to the port is open now, total attention is towards the road access which is closed at some parts and terminated to diversions at other parts. This is the reason which leads to numerous box terminals of the port. Many are in expectation that high traffic will be seen in nearby ports of Qingdao and Dalian. These ports are away from the road by eight to nine hours. It is revealed from one of the 3PLs that all the operations of import and export are carried out through Tianjin got cancelled for a week or long, due to the vast explosion. As it was the expected news of cargo damage, they were in contact with customers and are ready with an eventual plan. 3PLs are in contact with other cargo carriers of Qingdao and Dalian ports to continue the export orders with new bookings. Although, these work as good alternatives, costs may hike some and orders may get delay for some time.

3PLs and shippers searching for alternate ports are like to choose Ningbo and Dalian which are costly and it is difficult to truck these boxes on roads as they got closed. It will take 3 to 4 weeks time to resume back the services. The biggest problem is great damage caused to one-stop logistics where total paper work is carried out. It is the place where forwarders, hauliers and rest of people carry out administrative work. It was highly efficient but due to damage, companies have to go to their individual terminals to get the work done. It is still a doubt that how the individual terminals carry out administration infrastructure and upsurge in paperwork during this bad period. Even though cargo got damaged, no demand is seen for Air charted companies.

Till today, explosion fire did not get distinguished completely due to the high amount of chemicals spread over the atmosphere like clouds. NaCN is a highly toxic material which led to the explosion. Ca(C2) and TDI are highly reactive to each other and even more when got mixed with water and other reactive chemicals. This makes unable to distinguish fires and rainfall took place yesterday acts as an additive hazard at this moment. It is known from the media source that two warehouses of Damco are damaged completely in the blast and it is difficult to judge the complete damage caused in the explosion. Apart from cargos, there are many other companies affected by this explosion. Volkswagen and Toyota companies lost cars belonging to their companies in this explosion, while waiting to get shipped, which I great loss for them. Along with these companies GSK, Wall Mart, Deere and Company, Airbus etc are some other multi-national companies operating and distributed in the area affected when the explosion took place. It is sad that many employees working in Deere and Company, who were at home subjected to severe injuries and some people are in a critical position even at this moment. It is reported that 50 died and hundreds of people got injured badly.

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